Reality behind earning through blogging in 2022

Want to know the reality behind earning through blogging? So hello friends, and welcome to the most awaited post. Many people are curious about the earning process through blogging and want to know how bloggers earn when visitors visit their blogging website. I have all the answers to all these questions but here I will describe them one by one and briefly and if you want to know more further about these processes you can ask me then I will publish one by one article on all of them in detail separately.


In this article, I will describe whole the process in which bloggers earn through visitors and how get those dollars and payments. So let’s list the most important steps from which they suffer and these are simple steps you could follow and earn that money.


  • Website Creation
  • Simple Designing
  • Topic or niche selection
  • Creating pages like Privacy Policy
  • Publishing articles and posts
  • Applying for adsense
  • Revenue generation process
  • Payment process


Website Creation

So, the first step is to create a website which will be used for publishing articles and for the adsense approval. You only have to buy a domain and hosting which will be used to create a suitable website for publishing articles related to your topic and niche research. If you are confused to buy a domain and hosting and you are not comfortable to select a hosting provider then you can read this article so that you could avoid this confusion. This article will really help you to find a perfect hosting provider. When you have bought a hosting and domain and you have successfully created a website the second step is to design it.


Designing Process

Now this process is tricky because some peoples still think that designing is done through coding but coding is not only the solution behind the designing of website. You can design your website through WordPress because wordpress is the most reliable and most trusted website builder tool. In WordPress you have to simply select a theme and some suitable plugins to design your website and I will recommend you a theme which is called generatepress which is mostly used by the bloggers so that they could design the website simply without any confusion. When you have designed your website, the 3rd step is to select a topic or niche.

Niche Research Or Main Topic

Now when you are done with the designing process, the third step is to select a niche. Niche is basically the main topic of your website on which your whole website will be in running. Now this is the main step of your whole career in blogging. I will recommend you to choose the niche or topic in which you are mostly interested because if you have interest in that topic you would be able to write properly.

If you have interest in technology than you can use tech products for reviews and etc. For example if you have main interest and taste in computers and laptops then you can reviewed laptop products, computer products in which you can write more about them and you will get a more and instant result from visitors. So this is the main key in your career which will get you succeeded.


Creating Pages For Policies

So this process will really help you to get the adsense approval fast and get you more reliable in Google search and Google authorities. In this step you have to simply creates some pages. These pages are called privacy and policy pages and maybe contact us page and all the related pages which Google recommend you to create on your website so that you could hold all the Google policies.

As I said above, these pages will help you to get AdSense approval faster. You can create these pages personally by yourself manually or by using tools.


Posting Articles

In this step, you will post articles related to your research and topic of your main website. As I said the more you will interested in a topic the more you could write on that topic. And in posting articles keyword research is the most important step. You have to publish articles on the keywords where there is low competition and high traffic. You have to do some basic SEO by using some SEO tools and your personal experience writing behind articles. You will get the experience by writing more and more articles, and by days you spend in publishing articles. If you select the keywords and topics on which main websites who have high authorities are working you will not be able to rank your keywords and your website. So you have to select micro niche topics and keywords. That will really help you to get organic traffic.


Adsense Approval

AdSense is basically the best opportunity for bloggers to earn a lot of money. If you got the adsence approval you can activate Google ads on your website and when the visitors came visit your website you will get revenue. For applying for adsense approval you will need to publish at least 20 articles which are at least 1000 words each. And if you have created all the pages which I said above and you have maintained and followed all the Google policies you will get AdSense approval as fast as Google will inspect your website. Basically Google replies about the report of your website in 10 to 15 days depending upon your website condition. So that means you will get AdSense approval in 15 days or more depending upon the conditions.


How Revenue Is Generated

So this is the main answer of all the above topics. You are always curious about how Google pay you for blogging and your website. So this process is somewhere tricky because whenever someone visit your website and clicks on your ads you will get some cents or dollars depending upon the visitor and their country. And you will get that money according to which company is running there ads on your website through Google ads. These companies pay to google for running their ads and whenever someone click on those ads of your website. You will get 68% of the total cost per click which that company paid to google. This is the simple and main process of earning through blogging.


Payment process

This process is somewhere long for you. To get a payout first of all you have to complete your first $10 to apply for adsense pin. When you will get the pin your adsense account will be verified and after that, you have to complete your first $100 to get your first payout. To get that payment you have to add your Bank account details in your adsense account accurately. After adding payment method adsense will send this payment to your bank account on 22 date of the next month. This is the Reality behind earning through blogging.

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