Best Whatsapp Tools of 2023

Best Whatsapp Tools of 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms on the planet with over 1 billion users and counting. Features like text, pictures, and videos, as well as voice calls, group chats, and document sharing are included. Of course, that’s not all: there are tons of additional best WhatsApp tools that let you do more than just chat. We’ll present some of the best WhatsApp tools available right now—consider it your guide to mastering WhatsApp in 2022!

Last seen
By having a look on best whatsapp tools of 2022, we may consider the last seen privcy tool. Last seen tool is a privacy tool which gave you the best method to trick your contacts and all other people. The last seen tool is provided you in the privacy section where you can change your last seen from anyone to nobody. By enabling this setting your last seen will be seem to them as blank.

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Profile photo
Another best whatsapp tools is profile photo privacy tool. In this tool you can chnage the setting of your whatsapp profile photo which is called as DP. By default it is set to public which mean anyone can view your dp. But you can change it from public to nobody or only contacts. By enabling this option your whatsapp dp will be shown to only your contacts that means only your saved contacts would be able to view your dp.

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Status is genrally a best whatsapp tools which provides you the options to share your feelings or wordsw to your contacts. But here you can also customize your settings and set them to specific peoples and contacts who can view your status

Default message timer
If you’re sick of receiving WhatsApp messages from your friends and family, all you need to do is head into WhatsApp settings and set how long the user has to respond before they’re automatically forwarded to voicemail. That will not only help you avoid losing your sanity to a constant influx of I’m on my way! messages, but it will also help preserve battery life.

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Fingerprint lock
It is possible to prevent someone else from accessing your phone if it is stolen. When the function is enabled, you must scan your fingerprint to load WhatsApp. All your WhatsApp data is well-protected and can be accessed using strong encryption or double-authentication on a new device or in a new location.

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Read receipts
Whenever you send a message to someone in WhatsApp, they’ll be notified when you read their message. While, some people might not care about it, others may consider it as an invasion of privacy. There is a way to switch off read receipts in WhatsApp, but first we should understand how these receipts work.

Upload Quality
Do you remember that time when we quickly shared that video or photo with one another over WhatsApp? There is an upload quality setting in WhatsApp that many users don’t know about. One way to accelerate the loading time of a large video or image file is to decrease the upload quality. Which Mobile Apps Will Increase Your Internet Speed? Which Mobile Apps Will Help You Manage Your Data Usage?

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