Best SEO Tools For Beginners in 2023

Best SEO Tools For Beginners

Here’s your guide to choosing the right set of SEO tools for beginners. Whether you have to purchase or download a free set of SEO tools and apps. There are several tools for improving your search engines ranking, such as SEMrush and KWFinder. Depending on your particular situation, however, some may be better for you than others. To help you find the one that will help you bring in more customers. Here are some of the top-rated tools that you may want to consider.


Google Search Console

While it might not do everything you want it to, such as link analysis and keyword research. Google Search Console is an excellent way to see your site’s vital stats in one place. It will also tell you what keywords people are using when they find your site via search engines. Now, using those keywords, you can create content that will target exactly what people are looking for on your site. Google Search Console can take a while to set up, but once you have things properly configured. There aren’t many better ways of getting an inside look. How do people interact with your site and where do they click when they get there.



SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools available because it provides a detailed analysis of how well you’re doing in search engines, as well as competitor analysis. The tool gives you information on your current rankings, top keywords, and more details on other aspects of your online presence. It’s a great way to determine what steps you need to take next. SEMrush also lets you track your results—so if something isn’t working out, there are some easy ways to improve on your results or tweak your strategy going forward. SEMrush is an affordable option that allows you to rank up quickly!



we’ve used KWFinder here and it is great. It’s very easy to use, even as a beginner, has access to an extensive database of keywords (including volume data), and is just awesome. I recommend it! What I enjoy the most about KWFinder is how simple it is to get started with – they have a feature called Instant Suggestions which will help you find keywords instantly. Based on the criteria you set, it provides relevant suggestions for content. These suggestions are separated into categories such as Related Searches, Long Tail Keywords, Keyword Ideas, and Commercial Keywords by Seasonality and Searches per Month.



This is one of my favorite tools because it’s so easy to use and provides a lot of keyword ideas. Just type in a topic and Ubersuggest will show you terms that are frequently used in conjunction with that topic. You can then click on any of those terms to refine your search. This tool is great for content marketers, keyword researchers, or anybody who wants to expand their keyword list.



Use Ahrefs, a tool that provides you with keyword rankings and links pointing back to each domain. You can plug your main keywords (e.g., digital marketing) into it and find out how many times they are being mentioned across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as popular niche forums like Quora. Ahrefs will also tell you if these links are coming from high-authority sources that might make all of your hard work pay off one day. It’s a great way to identify potential link-building opportunities early on in your process.


Moz Pro

The best way to get started in SEO is to sign up for a Moz Pro account. The tool has no learning curve and gives you access to a slew of data that can help improve your site’s SEO score. Plus, it’s only $99/month, which is well worth it considering how competitive SEO has become. As a bonus, they’re offering Startup Creator readers an exclusive 10% discount! Just use code STARTUP10 when signing up and you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips—for less than $89 per month! Read more about Moz Pro here.



Google Adwords makes it possible to access information about a campaign including how much it’s spending, the placement, and a breakdown of the keywords used. This will be beneficial to me as a beginner because I don’t know where to start. SpyFu eliminates the burden of checking the numbers yourself and lets you have the data that you need without any trouble at all. Additionally, it lets you see your competitors in your area, so you can always stay ahead of them. I don’t know what I would do without this tool when I’m doing account work for my clients. It’s free, but there are premium features for people who want more insight into their marketing. This helps me manage everything, so I can deliver the best possible service to each of my clients!



Despite its name, Woorank can be used to evaluate more than just your website. It’s often used by businesses to evaluate their marketing efforts and even their competitors. Additionally, Woorank offers a variety of advanced features, like tracking ROI and monitoring rankings over time. It’s not quite as user-friendly as some other platforms we’ll recommend in our list below—but if you’re looking for something that goes above and beyond SEO basics, Woorank could be worth your investment.



A much-loved SEO tool amongst marketers and SEO professionals, Majestic is a comprehensive SEO research tool that can tell you what sites are talking about any given keyword. The site provides data on backlinks from over a billion pages and includes advanced features like link target analysis, rank tracking, and link alerts. (pros: advanced user experience/cons: steep pricing)




One of my favorite SEO tools, SEOQuake monitors real-time rankings and search results pages (SERPs) across multiple search engines. You can use it to see where your site currently ranks, track keywords to monitor their progress, get alerts when you move up or down in rank, and much more. If you’re serious about SEO, then I highly recommend you start using it right away. It’s easy to install (and there are instructions on their site), so check it out!

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